Terms of Service for Transman Vocal Modification Training

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This program is a rigorous, fun and enlivening process based on proven speech language practices.  As a licensed practitioner, I am required to ensure that each participant is pre-qualified in terms of physical health, as well as having stated objectives and expectations upon completing the course. This application process will help to determine if the program is right for you at this time in your transition.


This program is designed to take advantage of the learning power inherent in the small group. There are 12 group training sessions that last approximately 1.0 hour each, PLUS 3 one-hour individual sessions. Daily practice is essential.

Sessions 1-4 focus on Goal Setting, Pitch, Best Breathing Patterns, Warm - ups and Cool Downs.

Sessions 5 -8 focus on Tension Release, Easy Onsets, Progressive Relaxation and Postural Stabilization exercises.

Sessions 9- 12 focus on Vocal Rest and Interval Training, Articulation, Establishing Chest Resonance and Body Language.

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