TERMS OF SERVICE FOR Vocal Control AND Sound and Language


  • You will receive a welcome email when you register with links and details.

  • There are 3 sessions 30 minute sessions in Voice Fundamentals and

  • Once the signed form is returned we will do a face to face get to know session. See details below.

If you have any questions about this service, please use the link in the footer below to contact me.


  • Requires that you have access to a PC or Mac that has a functioning webcam feature, microphone and speaker.

  • Say it Proud Speech Therapy (SIPST) uses a simple and secure web platform named Zoom.

  • SIPST is not responsible for:

        a. Slow internet connection
        b. Non-functioning webcam, speakers, microphone (Your hardware)
        c. Any software incompatibility
        d. Technical support or training
        e. In some cases, your company computer may have an IT department block to the software used by SIPST. It is the   Purchaser's responsibility to request a lift on the block or to use another device for SOS to successfully provide the service.


If a technical issue cannot be resolved within 2 days prior to the scheduled session, please contact me immediately to reschedule, or if necessary, cancel the service.
Reschedules / Cancellations after the 2 day deadline may be subject to a fee. 
Cancellations made within the 2 day deadline will be refunded within 24 hours.

I look forward to being part of your quest for a beautiful voice.