Nervous? Yes, for sure!

Problem with the Metro card only a symptom.  I brought an expired one with me. I explained the situation to my wife and went to get a new Metro card. Finally, on the bus on Saturday 12/26/15 I am riding into Manhattan in stealth.

Not a word to mom. What is the impact of playing don’t ask don’t tell? My transgender secret is sure and the truth of my life is hidden. I am secure with my wife and not ashamed. You recognize this place I am sure.

We arrive at 34th Street and took the crosstown bus to 8th Ave. Excited? yes. Scared? yes, Nervous yes. What if they refused to work with me?  Stop it you are just in a story I tell myself.  Comfort provided from Adrienne. Arriving at Beauty 35 I see and enter this little corner store. “Let’s go to the back,” I said. Okay?!  When we reach the back the salesperson,

Gloria said,

We don’t have wigs for men.


I said:

Good I must have come to the right place.

“I am transgender and I want to feminize my appearance. Do you have any pretty wigs with human hair?" “Oh yes,” she said.  As I tried them on she worked at her pronouns and wig after wig she said, “Cute”  “Nice” “You look good.” You may ask who I am being.  Well, I am being fun and light and grateful for the attention. Gloria and her assistant Mercedes get me right away and the friendliness I read about on their website line is what I generate. The friendliness I received as I am looking in the mirror at the new me emerging is the perfect mirror to be operating from.  I purchase two human hair wigs.

My take away lesson is: When I was honest and upfront of who I am and what I needed I noticed how that darling salesperson came to my assistance. The rest was easy.

Josie shops in the women’s dressing room at Macy’s Herald Square. This is a story of being confident, expecting to be admitted and taken as my word and action. A whirlwind the day after Christmas.  I wanted to leave and Adrienne kept the supportive pressure up. My inexperience was clearly showing its roots.  I was so scared. How would I ever get to use the women’s dressing room? Steady on and by asking for what we needed and wanted. It was that simple.

Before we tried on anything we went to the dressing room on the 7th floor. There we found Roseann.  Adrienne said, “My wife is transgender can you accommodate us in the dressing room?”  “Oh yes, by all means,” Roseann said. “Go find what you want and I will look after you ladies.” Oh how nice did that walk into the dressing room for the first time with Adrienne feel.  She came with me. Soon we realized that the clothes were too big.  Roseann sent us to the 5th floor. There we got our try-ons and proceeded to the women’s dressing room. The girl there said, “You can’t go in there." Once again Adrienne said, “My wife is transgender.”  “Oh,” she said, “I am so sorry,” the sales girl said, ”I need to do that, it’s my job.” Then we were shown an empty room and we did our stuff. I ignored the stares.  

One woman shopper came up to me and said “Do you know that this is the women’s department?” “Yes, I said, gleefully, I know.  I am getting my outfit together for my university teaching. She smiled and walked away.

Later the same woman helped me find my umbrella.

What a joy.