Election Blog

We stand in the face of a massive defeat of our values. Our heads are bowed. We stand in the face of a government turned over to fools.

I will stop my name calling. I seek a higher love.

Words of the Dalai Lama when asked about the Chinese regime takeover of his beloved Tibet he said, “They have taken away my country, I will not give away my mind.”

The visceral feeling of a loss is profound.  I am in fear. I shall acknowledge and embrace my fear.

I stand in awe of my destroyer - my death. In the words of Diane Ackerman “I praise my destroyer.”

Point:  Our deep sense of loss empowers me to recognize the passing of a time of great joy and anger. Joy in our accomplishments. People can marry whomever they love. I am angry as I am confronted with the noise and vitriolic verbal onslaught of recent times.

I recognize what it is so …

Acknowledging I am powerless to stop it. I am powerful to stand up and honor my core belief in the basic decency and humanity of all people everywhere. I seek a higher love.

I stand proud in the face of those who would slay me.

I stand proud in the face of those who shun me.

Point: Who owns me? What is my life for? Shall I be owned by fear and hatred?

No! I declare No.

I will go on. I stand.