Work with me in 3 weekly, 30-minute sessions (on-line webcam) to get the primer on vocal transformation – plus practices you can use immediately to gain control of your voice. These three training modules will provide you with a safe, professional means to practice the art of voice transformation!

Session One:
Breathing techniques for the most natural voice

Session Two:
Pitch and Intonation training safely gets your voice higher.

Session Three: 
Resonance training makes the sound of your voice congruent with the person you are. 


Sound and Language

Take your training to the next level with three weekly, 60 minute sessions (on-line webcam). You will discover your Optimal Pitch (it’s not falsetto!) and learn the KEY shift necessary to speak with a feminine tone:

Session 1: Add depth and practice as we review the fundamentals of Vocal Control Module

Session 2: Find out how to tone up your vocal system safely

Session 3: Learn how to use pitch and intonation to achieve the Feminine Lilt


Truly You Vocal Training

BEST VALUE for the person who craves a gender expression that is just right for you, with guidance and personal attention. Whether for personal satisfaction or professional dynamics, it’s the recommended program for the person who wants to perform optimally in her new persona, FAST. This on-line course will teach you two profound aspects of transition expression:

Voice Training –All the elements of the Vocal Control and Sound and Language Modules are included in this program. PLUS a private vocal health evaluation and additional vocal techniques for sustaining a feminine voice without strain or damage.

Authenticity Training – We will address the nuances of true feminine speaking, including body language, rate and volume, and take an honest look at the  ‘gear changes’ your brain will go through so you can know what to expect.


Or Three payments of $200


















Depth & Strength

Testosterone may have lowered your voice some and that’s a good start. But, it hasn’t done all you want.

If you are struggling with adjusting your pitch, vocal training is the ideal way to find and master your most comfortable, powerful voice.

This 12 session program will move you to a confident, masculine vocal range.

  • The fundamentals of posture and breathing

  • Facial tension and other progressive relaxation

  • Interval and articulation practices

  • Establishing the required chest resonance

  • Body language and other nuance